Digital Product Designer

Manchester, UK

Charles Njoku

I am a designer with a specialty in Product Discovery, Analytics and Interaction (UX) Design. I have over 5 years experience solving various challenges using agile and user-centric design-led frameworks to deliver delightful product experiences for web and mobile. I design experiences that help users find value in the products they use as well as leading initiatives to improve product UX, drive user engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

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Profile Image of Seth Trudeau
Seth Trudeau
VP of Product,  ALG

"Charles was the driving force behind our UX & visual design in the team. He was highly adaptable."

Profile Image of Odulu Amos
Odulu Amos
Marketing Manager, Softcom

"Charles’s multidisciplinary skill showed several times that he will do all it takes to get the job done."

Profile Image of Didi Emokpare
Dr. Didi Emokpare
CEO, Outpost Health,

"Charles is a storyteller, he has a way of communicating complexities in comprehensive and apt ways"

Profile Image of Emmanuel Ezenwere
Emmanuel Ezenwere
CEO, Arone

"Having Charles on my team was very rewarding, he is highly skilled... and able to come up with unique ideas..."

Selected Projects


Food Security for Farmers, Retailers, and consumers all year round.


Mobile-first stock trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange market.

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Talking Design

Stephen Gates & Charles Njoku

A conversation with Stephen Gates, former Chief Design Evangelist at Invision, on how designers can be leaders beyond their creative skills, delivering value and happiness to all.

1HR 30 MIN
May 2020
Imposter Syndrome - Charles Njoku

As people who do a lot of creative work, a lot of our productivity is hindered by a menace, Impostor syndrome, a feeling that has us doubting our place in positions we worked so hard for. Charles Njoku bares it all and shares with the Coterie how he has learned to deal with it.

53 MIN
August 2020

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