The Smart Camera

Exploring opportunities for AI & Video Analytics

Arone is an R&D startup focused on hardware solutions solving some of the most impactful problems affecting the everyday lives of billions of people across Africa. QView was one of the products we explored and the question at the time was to find the opportunities available from a fusion of AI & Visual Analytics for businesses and government.

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Art Direction, Copywriting, Product Design, UI Engineering


Arone Technologies


Internet of Things (IoT)

Engineered to be simply smart

QView's powerful sensors use state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision and deep learning to accurately and anonymously count people and identify them per demographics.

3D Printed
Embedded Systems
Computer Vision

Space Optimization

Qview uses vision, motion and a counter algorithm to count ins-and-outs. The data is sent to QInsight and live updates, alerts and notifications are delivered based on parameters.

In-Store CX

Business can gain new insights as their customers visit their stores and interact with the different spaces.  They can be quantified, and classified to help businesses evaluate the impact of their in-store experience.


Video Analytics & Insights made easy

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